Model: PL-U350-15, PL-U500-15, PL-U650-15, PL-SU500--15, PL-SU650-15, PL-SU800-15, PL-SU800-15L, PL-SU1000-15, PL-SU1000-15L, PL-SU1500-14, PLW-SU400-25, PLW-SU500-25, PLW-SU650-25, PLW-SU650-25L, PLW-SU800-25, PLW-SU800-25L, PL-S800-15, PL-S1000-15, PL-SW500-25, PL-SW650-25

Fully Auto Power Lifter


Fully Auto Power Lifter
  • New FET chopper (electronically controlled with variable continuous transmission) which comes with travel speed adaptability.
  • Accomplish smooth driving.
  • Up and down switch with one-touch lever.
  • Lifting mechanism that controls the rising speed of the lifter.
  • All models are inclusive of caster covers as standard accessories.
  • Built-in check valve device.
  • Large, transparent guard panel for improved safety.
  • Excellent maneuverability in a lightweight for working within the narrow passage and the second floor.
  • Electric brakes.
Fully Auto Power Lifter (S Series)
  • Safe-start function for smooth movement.
  • Powerful built-in electromagnetic brake device.
  • User friendly colour coded battery meter.
  • Safety switches for workers' safety.
  • Emergency stop button.


Dimensions for Fully Auto Power Lifter (Light Duty)

Dimensions for Fully Auto Power Lifter (Heavy Duty & Double Mast)

Dimensions for Fully Auto Power Lifter (Wide Straddle)

Dimensions for Fully Auto Power Lifter (PL-S Series)


Features for Fully Auto Power Lifter

● Soft-up mechanism (Patent pending)
A unique soft-lift valve prevents the load from collapsing. This feature is useful for tasks that requires adjustments and the duration of handling unstable / sensitive loads.

● Battery charger (Built-in type)
It is easy to recharge the battery with the automatic battery charger of which has an indicator to display the charging progress.

● Parking brake
A safe, reliable, and powerful brake backe backs up the operational functions of the power lifter.

Key switch

● Battery Indicator

● Emergency Button


● Safety cover

● Spring caster grounding type

Cutting-edge drive device ensures mobility and power.

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