Model: BCP-13JP, BCP-16JP, BCP-18JP, BCP-20JP

Battery Type (Long Lasting Battery)

– Featuring high voltage batteries 120AH x 2 for long operating hours
– Innovative work with friendly design

– Maintenance free batteries

  • Selectable drive mode.
Selections of drive mode with a selection of either POWER or ECONOMIY mode according to working environment
  • AC-driven motor, a pioneer in the industry.
Carbon brush-less AC motor makes it environmental friendly.
  • Sealed battery.
A life long, maintenance-free sealed battery ensures easy management.


Battery Pallet Truck




Optional: Available Upon Request

■ Handle
Improved safety & Operations

■ Intensive Switch Panel
human Interface control panel for easy, intuitive operation

■ Safety Start
Safety mechanism to prevent wrong operation, abrupt start

■ Ride On Platform

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