Model: MP-2000 M, MP-2300 M, MPP-1000 M, MPS-2000 M, MSC-001 M, Pocket Type

The New Insect Light Trap In The Market

For A Cleaner & Safer Environment

  • Using ultraviolet light to attract flying insects and gel tape to trap (stick) insects from escaping.
  • Proven to be reliable, safe, clean, and effective.
  • Free of crackling sound & burnt smell.
  • Comply to HACCP standards.
  • Capture all type of insects, even very tiny ones.



Mild Steel

Hanging type


Hanging type

Steel and Plastic

Wall type

Stainless Steel

Hanging type

Table type

Metal and Plastic

Wall mounted


Block Type

Wall Type



Suitable for:

  • All Food & beverages outlets
  • All food & beverages processing manufactures.
  • Chemical
  • Printing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Hotel
  • Hospital & Clinic
  • Bakery
  • Supermarket
  • Clean Room
  • Pet Shop