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OPK Inter-Corporation Sdn Bhd

OPK Inter-Corporation Sdn Bhd was officially registered in Malaysia on 22nd October 1994 and commenced operations in 1996 with less than 10 staff. Currently we have a dedicated team of more than 60 highly skilled staff producing quality  Drum Handling Equipments, Lift Tables Stackers, Pallet Trucks, Hand Trolleys, Insect Traps (Mushipon) etc, for both overseas and the domestic market. We strive to provide our customers with a safe and efficient workplace, together with savings on time and costs. In line with our commitment to quality, and environment OPK Inter-Corporation Sdn Bhd secured ISO 9002 certification in 2000, and ISO 14001 certification in 2007 and re-certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 version 2015 in march 2018. Our customers are assured of the highest level of quality and reliability in our products.

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Pallet Truck

We offer the most optimum and suitable pallet trucks for handling palletized goods within your workplace. Both manual and battery pallet trucks are available in order to suit customer’s usage requirements.

Our pallet trucks are particularly used within general warehousing, manufacturing operations, logistics and distribution centres, retail outlets and etc.

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Stackers are economical alternative to a forklift, and because they are smaller in size and weight, they can be used in smaller spaces. We offer manual, battery, auto and ride-on type stackers in order to suit customer’s usage requirements making the moving, lifting, loading and unloading simpler, quicker and safer.

Our stackers are particularly used for general warehousing and manufacturing applications.

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Hand Trolley

Hand trolleys are beneficial to any companies when transferring of goods are needed. Our hand trolleys are specially designed for heavy duty usage, where table top is strong, solid and durable. We offer different models depending on your product weight and size. Stainless steel hand trolleys are available for customers whose applications are used in the clean environment.

Our hand trolleys are particularly used for any light manufacturing applications, retail outlets and logistics centres.

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Aerial Work Platform

Aerial work platforms are equipments used to provide temporary access for people to an inaccessible height. They are used for temporary and flexible access purposes such as maintenance, cleaning or construction work.  Our aerial work platforms are capable to be set-up and operated easily by 1 or 2 persons standing on the platform and operation can be either AC, DC or dual operation.

Our aerial work platforms are particularly used in factories, warehouses, hotels, malls, halls, places of worship or wherever when temporary access is needed.

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Lift Table

Lift tables are commonly used for load positioning and ergonomic handling purposes.  Our lift tables are available in a variety of capacities and sizes, be it manual, battery or electric operated to accommodate ergonomic needs in the work place.

Our lift tables are particularly used in factories, printing and publishing agencies, logistic centres and etc.

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Drum Handling Equipment

Our wide range of drum handling equipments are specially designed to move, lift and pour a drum. Our range includes drum gripper and drum tipper which are attachments to the forklifts. In the absence of forklift, individual stand-alone equipment like drum porter, drum lifter and drum handler are solutions to every drum handling issue.

Drum handling equipments are particularly used in factories which involve drums in their daily operation – food & beverage, chemical, oil & gas and pharmaceutical industries. They are also widely used in logistic centres which are involved in distributing drums.

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Product Power

Products that have been selling for 60 years. Everything is packed in, everything in the store. 
We will continue to develop products with high added value aiming at productivity improvement from now on.

Development capabilities

Develop “carry” and evolve “carrying”. 
Utilizing our existing technologies, we will develop technologies of the future, and will proceed to develop new fields that look towards customer success.

Remodeling Power

We have a remodeling power that we can not defeat other companies. 


Make Tomorrow Different

O.I.C - OPK Inter-Corporation

We received support from many customers in the field of hand lifts based on hydraulic pumps and have made a modest contribution to the development of society as a front runner in the industry. However, hand lifts can not solve everything. What you can do hand lifts is just to carry “things” in front of customers. Nevertheless, such trifling improves work efficiency and creates a space that is friendly to the environment for both people. 
Little power to big big. We believe that our products can go round and return


Make Tomorrow Different

  • Development Power

Products that have been selling for 60 years. Everything is packed in, everything in the store. 
We will continue to develop products with high added value aiming at productivity improvement from now on.

Ergonomic Technology

Power of Material Handling

How efficiently do you carry things?

Our company has consistently researched and developed and has responded to the needs of a wide range of logistics accurately.

Internationalization, new materials, information revolution. The times are about to change drastically.

OIC always looks at the future and is continuing a more certain step.

Are you ready?

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“Let Our Products Present Happiness to the People” is the quality objective of our company, which simply means that we provide the best solution, top quality product, and on-time delivery to our customers.

Project Done

Material Handling Equipment

Make Tomorrow Different

You can choose the most suitable model from a wide variety of variations.

What is O.P.K ?

Originally Produce Know How

Products manufactured by Okudaya Giken Co., Ltd a premier material handling equipment producer located in Osaka, Japan.


Power of Customization

We are putting the power on customization technology. Utilizing our own expertise we have cultivated so far, we will produce the best one to suit our customers.